May 19, 2020

10 Best Tools to Use for Academicians in 2020

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This article is discussing the best most effective free plagiarism checkers for the students and e-Learning experts. Plagiarism and data theft have reached alarming rates. Many top-level writers are getting accused of plagiarism and universities are concerned on the same. Thanks to the technological improvements and rise in big data and natural language processing, that now we have great weapons to fight the war against plagiarism.

Rarely Discussed Truth of Plagiarism Checker?

Plagiarism is copying or stealing someone’s work and pretending it as your own. So far, so good. Plagiarism checker is the software which can detect whether some fraction of your content is available somewhere else too.

But the bigger question is: can a machine recognize if the act is intentional?

Imagine this

A plot was mentioned a hundred years ago in a story. Now, when a new film director asks a new writer to write a script based on the same story, will that be considered as an act of plagiarism?

There is a big grey area between copyright infringement and plagiarism. Also, finding 10%, 20% or even 80% plagiarism in your reports don’t necessarily prove you have committed the crime.

So the point here is, use plagiarism checkers (even the best ones) carefully. Following advice blindly may do more harm than good.

Most Effective Free Plagiarism Checkers To Consider

Internet and digital enhancements have given the freedom to develop and share resources, but at the same time, plagiarists have gotten an easy way to pirate and steal original ideas and work. Search engines like Google and Bing can be a powerful way to identify if you have accidentally plagiarized in your work, but they are not User-friendly. Also, they could be missing many resources as they work on internet rules, and they have limitations on access.

Some plagiarists have gone ahead as they tried to bypass plagiarism checkers. 

Plagiarism Checker X

It is one of the most accurate plagiarism checkers on the internet. It is available for seven international languages and provides an intuitive experience for students, professors and every other user.


  • Safe plagiarism checker: You don’t need to upload your data on their servers. It avoids connection attacks, data leaks and other security issues.
  • Side-by-side comparison feature: This feature can be beneficial for comparing two different documents.
  • Offline plagiarism checker: It is the only tool which can check plagiarism offline after two consecutive plagiarism checks.
  • Multiple language support: PlagiarismCheckerX supports seven different languages.
  • Colourful Reports with a percentage of plagiarism: It gives interesting reports with source details and percentage of similarity which help you asses documents conveniently.


  • Not available for Linux and Mac Operating System
  • Not free for more than 500 words. (It is suitable as free tools are not reliable.)
  • Free Crack versions are available, but they are dangerous and unethical.


  • Free for 500 words.
  • $39 for the lifetime.

Who Uses PlagiarismCheckerX

  • Malikussaleh University
  • Cairo University
  • IEEE
  • Jm Field Marketing
  • And hundreds of other companies and millions of students.

Grammarly Premium

Grammarly is a stunning plagiarism checker and Grammar correction software. It will improve your writing and search billions of websites and ProQuest research database to find similarity or plagiarism in your content.


  • Multiple file-format support: It supports various file formats including HTML, pdf, eReader format and Doc.
  • Improves Writing: Grammarly plagiarism checker will enhance your sentence structure.
  • Fast and accurate: Grammarly is quick to detect and present potential copy-paste plagiarism.
  • Multiple Operating System support: Grammarly is available for Google docs, browsers, Windows, Mac and Android operating systems.
  • Grammar and Spelling Correction Improvement: Grammarly supports tens of writing styles and global English writing style. Pick up which one you love.


  • It doesn’t Support the Linux operating system.
  • Grammarly plagiarism checker is not free.


  • Free for basic Grammar checking.
  • Starts from $11 per month for advanced features and plagiarism checker. (Worth the price)

ProWritingAid Premium Plagiarism Checker


ProWritingAid is the best Grammarly alternative for avoiding plagiarism in novels and stories. It is a credit based plagiarism checker and unlimited writing assistant with free formation and Grammar improvement features.


  • Credit-Based Detection Plans: The software is available with credit-based plans. Use as much as you require.
  • Integration with essential applications: Easy integration with different writing software on Mac, iOS and Windows like Scrivener, MS Office and Google Docs.
  • Free Grammar checker: Grammar assistant is available for free for the first 500 words.
  • Lifetime package: ProWritingAid writing assistant is available for lifetime use at $340.


  • Not free after 500 words.
  • Features lean towards writers’ needs instead of academics.


  • Free Grammar editor for first 500 words.
  • Price starts from $45.


This Turnitin like plagiarism checker is suitable for organizations and institutes. It checks similarity in academic papers, essays and submitted dissertations and available for universities.


  • Huge database: It has a massive database of students’ uploaded papers.
  • Variable pricing: Urkund is available through its sales team. The pricing is negotiable for universities.
  • Easy to use: Urkund is an easy to use software with an intuitive interface.


  • Not free for anyone.
  • Not available for students.
  • It stores data on servers for future comparisons.


  • The company does not disclose pricing.


This cloud-based plagiarism checker is very old and reputed. It checks your ordinary or research website accessible through the internet and finds similar copies scattered on other sites and blogs.


  • Free for primary use: Use Copyscape for free for limited use.
  • Plagiarism checker API for developers: Copyscape offers APIs for businesses who want to integrate it into their software.
  • Duplicate content checker for your own pages: It can detect duplicate content among your individual pages on your website.


  • Features lean towards bloggers and websites.
  • Offers limited features for students.
  • Doesn’t detect research work.


  • Free for personal websites and personal use.
  • Credit-based pricing starts from $10 or less.


SmallSEOTool is a very basic plagiarism checker to be used for detecting small duplicate paragraphs. Even though it lacks essential features for academics, it can be particularly useful for writing small blogs and daily journals.


  • Free of charge: Entirely free of cost for unlimited use.
  • Data upload: It provides the feature to upload your data in document format.
  • Fast processing: SmallSEOTools is the best plagiarism checker for quickly detecting similar copies of your text as it works really fast.


  • Not available for research papers and thesis.
  • Misses lots of plagiarism tests.
  • Doesn’t provide side-by-side comparison.
  • Supports only the English language.
  • Doesn’t provide detailed reports and source details.


  • Free for unlimited use but you can only upload 1000 words at a time.


Copyleaks is cloud-based software for plagiarism detection and prevention. Copyleaks provide a mobile application and website tools to detect similar documents like yours so that you can avoid accidental plagiarism.


  • Tools for education and business: Copyleaks provide plagiarism checking tools for individuals, business purposes and educational use.
  • API for developers: Developers can integrate copy leaks in other software applications to create a checking feature.
  • Comparison tool: Free copy leaks comparison tool compares two different documents in real time.


  • The web interface is not very pleasant.
  • Free for only ten credits.


  • Free for ten credits (1 credit = 250 words)
  • Pricing starts from $10.



Duplichecker is an entirely free plagiarism checker which thousands of website owners and content writers use daily. It scans search engine indexes to throw potential plagiarism in your work.


  • Free of cost: Duplichecker is free of charge to use. (Be careful as it saves your uploaded documents, and it can sell your data to other parties)
  • No need to register: Anyone can use duplichecker without registering on their website for limited use.
  • Free grammar checker tool: Duplichecker grammar editor is also available for free of cost.


Duplichecker saves and shares your data.

It happens with almost all the free tools, whether they write it or not.

  • Potentially dangerous: It saves and can sell your data to other parties as written in their privacy terms.
  • Only 50 checks are allowed every day.


  • Free of cost.

Plagiarism Checker

Plagiarism checker was designed to save time manually searching phrases on search engines. It does a simple job to check your sentence or paragraph against the search engine of your preference and shows if something similar comes out.


  • Free of cost: You don’t need to pay anything to anyone for using this software.
  • Supports Google alerts: It gives the feature to switch Google alerts on or off to webmasters.
  • No account of registration required: You can use without limit without registering on the website.


  • It doesn’t have the option to upload documents.
  • It doesn’t have a compiling interface, and it purely uses strict search engine queries.


  • Free for unlimited use.

Plagiarism can be daunting in academics and literary. With the digital craze and exploding digital content it is essential to use good plagiarism checkers to avoid any consequence. The above software tools will be helpful for students and writers who are trying to avoid accidental plagiarism in their academic submissions.


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