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As the number of web pages keeps on rising, also the daily digital duplication has become a menace. Unfortunately, most of the students and writers have embarked on copying writings directly from others and use them as own blogs without giving credits. Business owners and freelance writers have now one main task, and that is to check their content originality or else copied content will drop down their search engine rankings and online reputation.

Fortunately, Google has made some progress that it is aware of content that has already been posted, and a material that appears as a duplicate of a pre-existing version. Well, plagiarism detection tools can help in fighting content theft and copied content. Therefore, if you really want to ensure your content is 100% original, then these tools will be your all time weapon against rampant plagiarism.

Picking of the software can be a straightforward task as long as you understand their requirements. Different offline and online tools can help detect duplicate content. Other than Turnitin here are the best plagiarism checkers online to use.

PlagiarismCheckerX (Recommended)

PlagiarismCheckerX is one of the best tools you can use in rooting out duplication. It boasts of in-depth scanning strength under high speed and accuracy, and this has made it earn a good reputation from scholars and the Softpedia. It is one of the most effective plagiarism checkers that has no word limit. It offers several options in identifying the similarity of the words.

From online you can comfortably paste text and hit on the ‘Analyze it’ button. You can also, put your blog/post URL to tell the exact words that match your article. It is one of the versatile plagiarism checker tools between two file documents where you are allowed to effect advanced features such as Invalid spaces and Case Matching.

After making the analysis, the software displays the duplication percentage on every line alongside URL sources. And once you click on the source site address, you will be able to view the words that match your text. This can be the perfect free alternative to Turnitin.

The tool is capable of showing the duplication percentage with different colors. Green and Blue color means a small portion of plagiarism detected, while Red signifies critical piracy. Therefore, it becomes straightforward to tell of unoriginality with this tool.

PlagiarismcheckerX provides three central plans, where the basic plan offers free services for ever. It also allows you to make 30 searches per day for a limited number of words.

The pro plan offers all features at the cost of $49.99 for the rest of life. This is the most effective plan, especially for individual bloggers. The 3rd one is known as a Business plan; it can efficiently support several machine license at the cost of $199.95. Therefore, PlagiarismCheckerX is one unique tool that will quickly identify content duplication. An excellent tool to go for!

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Pros of PlagiarismChecker X plagiarism detector

  • Very easy to navigate through
  • Provided in 7 different languages
  • Available in both Paid and Free version
  • Available in unlimited words
  • Built with a keyword analyzer tool which perfectly describes keyword density and the occurrences.
  • Allows URL scanning, hence best for site owners
  • Very easy to detect the plagiarized words and phrases

Cons of Plagiarism Checker X

  • One must download the software before using it.
  • Not available for Mac and Linux

Grammarly Premium Plagiarism Checker

Grammarly can be a primary choice for non-native English writers. Apart from detecting plagiarism on the content, the software can also comfortably proofread your text. It highlights faults on the material and offers suggestion depending on more than 400 grammatical rules. It can also carry out scanning to recognize the similarities of the content.

Grammarly is provided in both premium and free versions. Free accounts usually avail limited access to the tools used in proofreading. Therefore, to carry out plagiarism tests, one must have a premium subscription. It scans all the piracy texts on the web pages. Duplicated content is underlined, and URL sources provided on where similar phrases were traced.

Grammarly is known to be one of the most effective automated proofreaders and can correct errors instantly. The tool does well especially to professional content writers, as it thoroughly proofreads a text and gets rid of all grammatical and spelling errors.

You can get your own Grammarly at $11.66 per month on a yearly subscription, while month to month billing goes at $29.95 per month. Therefore, if you want the best proofreading and plagiarism detection tools, Grammarly is the way to go.

Pros of Grammarly Plagiarism Checker

  • It is both grammar and plagiarism checker
  • Helps one to remove all sentence wordiness
  • One of the efficient proofreading tool we have in the market
  • Offers highly sophisticated interface easy to wade through

Cons of Grammarly Checker

  • Plagiarism detection is only provided in the paid version
  • At times it may not detect copied content correctly


Copyscape has proved to be one of the highly useful online plagiarism detection tools, especially among bloggers. One is only required to post the URL, and it will avail the result of the web pages. Copyscape premium assures a highly powerful plagiarism detection capability compared to free service. It comes with other useful features that include the single index, copy paste for originality checks batch searches, case tracking, and an API.

The most conspicuous feature is the copy entry that offers more comprehensive protection to your site by automatically scanning the internet on a daily or weekly basis. It automatically sends you an email in case new content duplicates are detected on your web. The regular scanning goes at $19.95 per month while monthly scans will cost you $4.95. Both are capable of scanning at least ten pages.

Copyscape provides plagiarism warning banners freely for your website. This is to warn potential content copiers against stealing your work. The excellent software boasts of a tool that can compare two articles, and a comprehensive guideline on the best way to approach plagiarism.

Pros of Copyscape checker

  • Precisely identifies copied content
  • It comes with an integration API for efficient scanning.
  • Best for the site owners as it readily identifies materials that are plagiarized through a URL
  • Built with a copysentry that automatically finds web pages with rhyming content with yours.

Cons of Copyscape

  • Does not provide free offline Text Scanning
  • A complicated pricing plan

ProWritingAid – Proofreader and Plagiarism Checker

ProWritingAid is a beautiful and highly sophisticated, tool, that checks for Grammar errors and identify duplicated content. It is capable of searching through billions of pages to detect any similarity. ProWritingAid is a kind of paid sort service since the free version is highly limited. One is allowed to open a free account to get some familiarity with the dashboard. Apart from the native applications, ProWritingAid enables the user to comfortably integrate the software with Google docs, Scrivener and other writing software.

ProWritingAid dashboard allows file saving, therefore, you don’t need to worry about your file safety. ProWritingAid has proved to be a useful plagiarism checker.

Pros of Pro Writing Aid Plagiarism Checker

  • Highly cost effective
  • Powered by Bing and Yahoo
  • Supports multiple languages
  • The plagiarism report can be downloaded on PDF
  • Provides similarity checker where documents can be compared

Cons of Pro Writing Aid

  • -Lacks free tool for comparing documents
  • -Requires browser extension
  • -Supports plagiarism test of up to 500 words
  • -Cannot check plagiarism through a URL

WhiteSmoke (Paid and Free Trial)

WhiteSmoke is a tool rich in features. It can quickly identify grammatical errors and have them corrected, also boast of plagiarism detector tool. It allows one to use it with a browser, whereby you can download and install it on your iOS/Android. The WhiteSmoke tool ensures your content is all original as it can quickly detect plagiarism from web pages, research papers, blog post and so on. Being able to provide deep scanning makes it one of the useful plagiarism checker for webmasters, students, and teachers.

The tool perfectly highlights flaws on a file such as grammar, wordiness, misspell and words that are repeated. The good news is that, can comfortably translate close to 55 different languages. This helps to counter the language barrier when drafting articles.

WhiteSmoke is offered at a package of $79.95 per year although this essential plan only takes care of web browsers. The premium plan will cost you at least $119.95 per year. Therefore, if you are considering an appropriate tool for originality checking, then WhiteSmoke is the right one for you.

Pros of Whitesmoke

  • Offers tutorials video for learning
  • Comes with a translator that takes care of at least 50 languages
  • A nicely packaged software made of grammar and plagiarism detection tools
  • More than 100 templates such as reports and letters
  • Provided in MS Office and Outlook, web browser, Desktop version, and mobile app

Cons of Whitesmoke

  • Lacks an attractive interface
  • The desktop app version is paid

CopyLeaks – A Paid and Free Plagiarism Checker

This is another useful and efficient plagiarism detector tool which you can use in testing contents originality. It is a cloud-based tool highly useful as they boast of 60 trillion pages on their database. The tool is highly useful in detecting many Unicode and file formats languages.

The CopyLeaks assures varied types of products which can best satisfy the user’s needs. The scholars, teachers, faculty members are advised to take Education version especially if you’re a publisher. Bloggers and Consultants should use the Business version. Well, the education version is capable of scanning academic archives and databases. Therefore, if you would want to identify similarities among documents files and web pages, then CopyLeaks is the best tool for you. It is offered freely, and one does not necessarily need to sign up when dealing with this.

Copy Leaks provides both free and paid plans plagiarism checker. On free subscription, you run at least 2500 words per month. For the paid plans, they can be customized, whereby business plan goes at $9.99 per month. This deal can allow up to 25,000 words every month. The education plan will cost you a minimum of $ 10.99 per month and deep scan at least 25,000 words during that month.

Pros of CopyLeaks

  • The best tool for different users
  • The best comparison tool
  • Offered in both Premium and Free
  • Provides various tools such as API, MS Office, Android/iOS, Add-on, etc.
  • Allows presentation of several tools for scanning at once.

Cons of CopyLeaks

  • -Its plan is relatively pricey
  • -The free program in insufficient
  • -Pricing plan can be confusing to some users
  • -You must sign up to enjoy their services.

Plagiarisma (Paid and Free)

Plagiarisma is capable of executing several tasks. It can correctly check grammar, run article writing, and do scanning since it supports, Yahoo, Google, Google books and Google Scholars. Therefore, if you are a blogger, scholar, writer or teacher, Plagiarisma can identify the copied work for you.

This comprehensive tool can support at least 190 languages. You only need to paste the text on the box within the site. You can also upload TXT, XML, RTF, DOCX, HTML and other different files. You can provide a web page URL to determine the similarity of your content. Plagiarisma is offered in varied platforms. They include BlackBerry, Moodle plugin, Software for Windows, and Android App users.

Plagiarisma comes with both premium and free plans. Although, it can be used without signing up, creating an account will allow you access to many useful features such as Scholar Search, Synonymizer, Similarity Checker, etc. To use the free services, one is required to subscribe to their paid plans at the cost of $25 every three months, and you will be allowed to carry out multiple searches.

Pros of Plagiarisma Tool

  • Can support at least 19 languages
  • Offer free warning banners
  • Supports the multiple numbers of files for uploading purposes.
  • Affordable pricing and provides different plans

Cons of Plagiarism Detector

  • -Contains a limited amount of free checks
  • -Its scan speed is very slow
  • -Lacks add-on especially for MS Office hence making it difficult for writing on MS Word
  • -You must sign up to enjoy their services.

PlagScan Plagiarism Checker

Plagscan is targeted to both individuals and business. The tool provides three main options in which plagiarism can be performed. You are, therefore, allowed to import a file from the internet through its URL within the appropriate location or upload it on the cloud storage that is Dropbox, Google Drive and OneDrive. The users of this tool are required to make payment on demand depending on their needs. The interface of the software is more advanced when compared with other plagiarism detection tools.

Private users should cough $5.99 per month and will be provided with online’ storage time for at least six months. Accounts that mostly targets big organizations and institutions go at $ 19.99 per month.

Pros of Plagscan

  • Allows scanning of multiple and single web pages
  • Provides integration through API
  • Supports several types of languages
  • Avails warning banners
  • Boast of more than 1000 organization client list

Cons of Plagscan

  • -Very pricey services
  • -Lacks integration alongside MS Office
  • – Do not offer free accounts

Plagiarism Software

If you’ve been looking for the most effective plagiarism detector, then plagiarism detector is the deal. They boast of more than 300,000 users all over the world. They provide the free account; although it is unconstrained by name, you are allowed a single search in a day with a maximum of 1000 words.

Plagiarism software traces the analogy through the use of a URL. One good thing about this tool is that it provides three straightforward and free plans. In Plagiarism Software, you are required to choose a specific pick plan and make your payment. The first plan is Basic, this is likely to cost you $ 10 in a month, and you will be allowed to carry out 300 searches with 1000 words each meaning you can check up to 300,000 words.

Pros of Plagiarism Software

  • Very affordable and search numerous words at a go
  • Several users can comfortably use one premium account
  • No signup is required to carry out free checking
  • You can exclude a specific URL

Cons of Plagiarism Checker

  • Lacks add-on for the MS Office, browsers, mobile and desktop
  • Supports free limited account

Best Plagiarism Checker for You:

In the tech-age we are in, plagiarism detection tools are critical especially in protecting your content from theft and duplication. Therefore, make use of the above reviewed and trusted tools depending on your needs and avoid risks and penalties that come with plagiarism. It is by use of plagiarism detection tools; you will ensure your content is always 100% original.

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