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If you are a professional who loves Mac and desperately looking for a tool to fix your Syntax errors, here is the choicest article for you. Even though I could have listed tens of tools out there, I have listed only 3! Used and admired by millions and by the professionals, freelancers and students.

Best Grammar Checker Software for Mac OS Users

Whether you work on writing an e-mail or a story, few experiences feel as embarrassing as grammar mistakes. Think of writing a research paper containing hundreds of pages in one go, or your first assignment. Every time I write anything (like this blog) I require a tool which could automate my writing.

Google Docs Integration is under beta testing. Sign up as a premium user to get the feature.

Grammarly has a huge fan-base as it comes with some exceptional features in the realm. Crucial features like punctuation error detection and basic spell checker are simply FREE. Yes! It doesn’t cost anything. All you have to do is, signing up and you are good.

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However, if you need a professional experience and features like advanced grammar checking, plagiarism checking, more integrations, you need to upgrade to Grammarly premium.

For a long time, Grammarly didn’t support Apple devices for unknown reasons. At that time, chromium and Safari browser extensions were the only possible ways to use Grammarly. but, things have turned now as they provide Docs support, Native applications for iOS and OS X.

A much-loved feature of Grammarly is drag-and-drop which can be helpful for Mac devices as they still don’t support Office tools. You can drag your doc files to the icon (better to keep it on the dock) and it will be picked up to the Grammarly editor interface. You can edit and export (or copy) it to your previous files after finishing up your proofreading.

Browser extensions can be useful when working on writing blogs or else online. It will further show you the word-suggestions, synonyms while browsing different websites and on writing interface.

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Nowadays ProWritingAid’s users come in many flavors, from best-selling authors to indie writers, from professional copy-editors to rookie bloggers, and from business experts to struggling students.

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ProWritingAid is a software more skewed towards writers and freelancers. It comes with 6 different writing styles (General English, Technical Writing, Creative Writing etc), plagiarism checking, readability analysis and punctuation checking. Many of the old users strongly felt that it gives better results as compared to Grammarly, however, it can vary from passage to passage.

ProWritingAid comes with a big advantage over the rivals as lifetime membership. Pay for once and you are free to use it forever. No matter if you wish to shift to a new device or interested to use it for a different project. Moreover, it does support Scrivener which can be useful for writers.

The only thing you need is an active internet connection to fetch results from their servers and everything works effortlessly.

Do You Know: Scrivener 3 is now available for macOS and will be a free update for all new Windows customers.

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Even though Built-in OS X spell checking and Grammar checking is not delivered as a flagship feature, it comes with huge advantages.

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It is provided with the features like personal dictionary, automatic and manual detection. It is one of those features on the system which are hidden in the system preferences and app menus, but they can be used once you discover them. Grammar checking is not 100% accurate and leaves many false positives and negatives behind, it can be useful in combination with one of the above-mentioned tools.

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