Plagiarism reports are essential for students to avoid academic tragedies. Academic writing is not a cake-walk, and a student truly understands how tedious it is to write a thesis or dissertation while formatting everything correctly. Plagiarism checkers used in universities generate detailed plagiarism report with the potential sources and links.

Other than the document similarity checkers like “diff” Unix utility and custom python programs, you can only rely on good plagiarism checkers for generating your first plagiarism report with the percentage.

Plagiarism Report Generators Mentioned Below

Why you need a plagiarism report?

Plagiarism reports are proof of your authenticity and originality. Such reports can protect you if someone falsely accuses you of plagiarism. Until and unless you are intentionally plagiarising and trying to cheat your professor, it can be a wise decision to use a good plagiarism checker to generate a plagiarism report and download it safely on your device.

You can use a plagiarism report to analyze accidental plagiarism in your essay before your final submission.

Here are two possible ways to generate your originality reports.

Build Your Plagiarism Report Manually

Even though, manually building a good plagiarism report is tedious; it is not impossible. You can follow the following steps to generate a similarity report for your personal use.

  • Copy the first 32 characters from your writing.
  • Use Google advanced search to check the other similar copies of your text.
  • Repeat this process for all your writing by taking twenty thirty characters at a time.
  • You can reduce the character limit to 10-20 words to get better results.

As search engines are mighty and they index almost every publicly available data on the internet, free plagiarism checkers use a similar method to check plagiarism.

A tool like will make your life much more comfortable. It automatically adds inverted commas in the google search.

Disadvantages of building manual plagiarism report

  • Phrase checking can only work for copy-paste plagiarism.
  • Manually checking every phrase is a lengthy process and it will take days to test every possible combination.
  • It can miss multiple instances of plagiarism.
  • You can never find the percentage of plagiarism.

Online Plagiarism Checker With Report

While free checkers may not be reliable enough, some budget-friendly tools are there which can save hours of hard-work by automating plagiarism checking process.

Plagiarism Checker X gives detailed and colourful reports to the students so that they can analyze and correct every leakage. Plagiarism checker x originality report can be saved for later proof.

Note that while Turnitin and Urkund are two plagiarism checkers used in the universities, both are not available for the students directly. Also, they are not required unless you are trying to fool plagiarism checkers intentionally.

In all other cases, you can look at other Turnitin alternatives which are safe and cost-efficient.

The Best Plagiarism Report Generator

No two people can have the same criteria for selecting their “best” software, but I personally prefer Grammarly. Being a blogger and a non-native English speaker, Grammarly gives me the freedom to express my words with more confidence. Grammarly is closely working with institutes to provide a better social learning environment for students, and its plagiarism checker is good enough to check the text against billions of web-pages and research paper data.

But if you don’t want to use Grammarly’s Grammar checker, you can go with Plagiarism Checker X which is expressly built for generating plagiarism reports.

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