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July 20, 2017

Plagiarism and content theft are becoming a new threat to the researchers, bloggers, and academicians. Even though there is a plenty of plagiarism checker software, we like to rely on trusted sources. That is the reason we are discussing the google plagiarism checker today.

What is Google Plagiarism?

Basically, there is no such term like Google plagiarism. However, many researchers relate it with the similar or copied content comes in google searches when we search for ours is called google plagiarism. That means if there are two duplicated search results for the same search phrase, we call it google plagiarism.

Trust Issues with Plagiarism Checker Software

Since Google is a trusted and one of the most linked sources for online documents, it is sometimes essential to look inside google scholar searches or in google general search to find plagiarism.

But unfortunately, it is not enough!

Yes! searching with a free tool which searches in google results for copied content can never beat a paid advanced plagiarism checker tool. Why?

I have already written a post on Free plagiarism checker tools for teachers. I have mentioned there the free plagiarism checker software doesn’t have access to the restricted content. These contents are from various online journals and paid resources like Academia.

Also, google access the documents according to certain rules. If the content owner doesn’t want to show his documents it won’t be shown up in search results.

So I will provide you with the list of some advanced Plagiarism checkers which will not only search from google but from the all search engine database, online journals and millions of other online resources.

But at first, let’s look at some google plagiarism checker tools.

Google Plagiarism Checker Software

  • Search Toolbar of Google

Google Plagiarism Checker Software Online 1
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Google itself doesn’t provide a dedicated plagiarism checker portal. But you can use google search engine to find copied content. Here is what you do.

  • Do a strict search: search like “the ram never went to the party”, along with the inverted commas. i.e. (“”). This will give you the strict search. You will see all the content with the similar phrase somewhere on their website.
  • Do a site search: If you already know that somebody has or might have similar content, you can search “piece of paragraph”. This way, you will find all the content Google can access from their website.


  • SmallSEOTools Plagiarism checker

Google Plagiarism Checker Software Online 2
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If you don’t want to pay anyone and want to restrict your search to the search engine results only, SmallSEOTools can be a great option for you. It provides you a free Plagiarism detection text area where you can put your content and search for the similar contents.

But unfortunately, it also gives you false results as you can see in the image above.

Here are the top Advanced Plagiarism checker tools I strongly recommend you to use.

Advanced Plagiarism Checker Software

If you have seen my another post on ProWritingAid, you must be impressed with the Grammar checker solution they provide. Another extremely powerful feature of this software is Plagiarism checker detection and suggestion. It is a paid tool (which is cheaper than other alternatives) which provides you the better security of your data along with the powerful plagiarism checking.

There are plagiarism checkers which might save your data for their own use and it may cause self-plagiarism. That is the reason people often suggest better tools.

pro writing aid editor review
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Google Plagiarism Checker Software Online 3
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These two solutions are the best for multiple purposes.


Because they will provide you with additional features you won’t find anywhere else, this way they will also save your money. These tools will search for all the available content which can cause plagiarism in your document to save you from the Sin.

I hope the list of these google Plagiarism checker software will be helpful for your work. Whether you are a blogger or a researcher, these tools will help you to prevent you from the hazard. Write what do you think in the comment below.



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