Essential software to write your ebooks

Essential software to write your ebooks

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Role of modern computer in the process of documentation procedure can hardly be overestimated. What is a more digital format of data presentation saves not only hectares of woods, but also time, nerves and efforts of simple office workers? This is why let us see how to create an eBook to keep documents:

What is an eBook?

An interesting fact of an online version of a book is that Declaration of the USA Independence became such one. The American inventor Michael Stern Hart made it back in the year 1971. He was the one who became a founder of the Gutenberg project, which means digitizing and saving of the world`s literature in electronic form, let alone giving a free access to the books:

In contemporary understanding, an eBook is an online version of original on paper, made in digitized form. The eBook can be created in one of the widely used formats. Oftentimes, an e-book is called e-text.

They also understand any educational edition on disciplines by the term of an e-book, which is made in one of the digital formats, annotated, with exercises. Let alone explanatory illustrations in the form of raster images.

The term e-book is used as both digital versions of books, and portable devices, created especially for their reading.

The e-book can be created in different digital formats. Let us point out its main types:

  • An ordinary text, which means .txt format and may be created (read) with the help of usual text editor (notepad);
  • In the form of raster graphic images, which are formats DjVu, TIFF, JPEG and others;
  • Multimedia formats of ebooks; those can be program database exe, SWF files. Let alone different formats of eBooks (MP3, Vorbis);
  • Java-books are applications created especially for mobile devices, working because of Java.

Understanding Main e-book formats

In these latter days, eBooks tend to be represented in a few the most popular formats.

Among these are:

  • HTML, which was created using HyperText markup language. The books represent embodied between each other HTML pages. Hyperlinks are used for passing between sections. One can open such a book with the help of a usual browser  or through a special interface;
  • Electronic Publication (ePub) is an open international standard, created especially for eBooks. The format allows to record and shares a book in one format.  At that, the source itself represents ZIP-achieve, where data in standards HTML, XML, PDF are saved;
  • DjVu is a format, which represents the рan implementation of an image compression technology with trivial losses. It was developed especially for scanned texts storage, illustrated with different drawings, graphics and diagrams. The technology is adopted for transferring DjVu-files online. It allows to start reading the ebook during its loading:
  • PDF (Portable Document Format) is a cross-platform standard for keeping and creating e-documents from Adobe company. Some capabilities of PostScript language are used for its realization. The format is focused especially on reflecting different printed editions in electronic format. It supports the use of raster graphics and vector graphics in a text let alone the advent of necessary fonts (line by line). For document reader in this format a free Adobe Acrobat app is used more often than not:
  • fb2 (FictionBook) is a structure of format, which is described on XML language. It means that every element of the book is placed in its tag. It provides with a cross-platform of a standard and availability of data for changes (editing, creating) and reading on any device.

Not all of this information is the reference, and there is no way how they can possibly explain the business end. For example, how to create an electronic textbook.

How to create a textbook on the basis of HTML

Let us look at derivation process of creation eBook based on HTML with the help of eBook Maestro program. The weight of installation package of a program is not big and is only 2,7 MB. After installation and application launch, a dialogue window welcomes you informing that you use a free version of this program product, which, in its turn, puts some limits on the opportunities of the program.

There is a template for downloading for beginning users for HTML pages for a book on the official website. It should make the whole process simpler in many ways.

In actual practice, the template turned out to be just a collection of simple web pages, the code of which is not difficult. However, in order to add content and images, a special editor with HTML support is required.

After putting the names of the pages and their content into HTML, we saved all the files again.

Let us go back to our application. Key in the title of the book and contact information of its author on the general tab.

Inform a program about the place where files of the book are saved on the Files tab. In other words, we assign the way, where we saved оedited web pages of a standard template. In addition, you can show the way on the icon for a book, and the place where you save a ready sample in «outbox EXE-file кof the book».

Customize a user interface on the Interface tab, size, color and the general layout of the book key components.

A few more detailed programs:

Creating PDF books

SunRav BookOffice was used to create PDF book. There is a lot of information about the application on the official website. A big section of technical documentation is especially pleasing.

The application is aware of creating not PDF documents only, but also creating books based on other standards.

After starting of a converting, the application released a big pdf document. Each of the content points, leftward, corresponded to a certain Word document. It is just the names in the paragraphs were displayed incorrectly.

Several more detailed programs to create electronic books:

Let alone specialized online services:

Now it is safe to write an electronic textbook or a book. Just do not write a textbook of life. Each of us learns the ropes in accordance with one`s own rules, and life only can make to learn them all!

About the author: Melisa Marzett writes guest posts working for paper writers from skywriting service as a self-employed person, which gives an opportunity to travel around the world so she is able to write wherever she is. Ernest Hemingway wrote 500 words a day, Stephen King writes 2 000 words and for Melisa, it is always in different ways. Not all the days are alike but she spends each of them writing.

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