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Writing a high-quality essay is often challenging. Writing an essay that brings good grades and doesn't take much time to wrap up can be a daunting task.

Lots of students seek for an essay writing service nowadays, however, there are many students who want to write their essay from the scratch.

This post reveals the most helpful essay writing tools for students and researchers.

You don't really need to be another Shakespeare to write a good essay; like a lot of people think. These DIY essay writing Softwares will help you write with fewer mistakes and save hours of work you would have spent proofreading.

Here are the best paper writing tools for students.


Scrivener is a powerful software used by many "best-selling authors, " researchers, and students worldwide. This is an essay writing tool, book-writing software and a research paper writing tool among classy writers. 

scrivener essay writing

It does an essential thing for you; It organizes your idea and speeds up your writing.

Scrivener makes it very simple to organize your documents. You can work on chapters, topics, and or different segments as you wish and reorder your work very easily whenever you choose.

Again it's the best software out there for authors, researchers and busy students, and it is still updated and improved.


You most probably are aware of this tool. Over 2 million people use Grammarly every day (including me). This free grammar checker helps you make fewer mistakes in your essay and automatically proofread your documents.

grammarly grammar editor

This is a big time-saver for the students who do not want to hire a proofreading service. However, it is not a perfect software and gives many false positive. But you are getting enough for free with Grammarly.

If you go for a premium version, it evaluates your paper's readability and offers more advanced features.

Plagiarism is a severe issue in academic writing. Plagiarism Checker X can help you detect and avoid plagiarism easily. Just with a one-time fee of $39, you can check your essay against billions of documents available on the Internet.

plagiarism checker x tool

You can get a plagiarism report that you can present as a proof-of-innocence as well. Thousands of students and professors in over 60 countries and 7 languages use this software.

Get Plagiarism checker x

LyX (for technical essays and papers)

If you are bored with black LaTeX back-end and want to run away from that hectic task, Lyx can help you. 

lyx for technical essay writing

This software comes with the power of Latex and still easy to use interface. You can seek it as a front-end editor for latex. However, you are expected to know little basics of Latex while using it. LyX supports all kinds of machines, like Linux, Mac, and Windows.

Dragon Naturally Speaking

This text-to-speech software is the most accurate dictation and speech processing software to boost your writing performance. 

dragon naturally speaking

Since dictating a document and then proofreading it is a much easier task than writing it, the software is useful for academic writing. An integrated learning environment also makes it capable of learning words and phrases you use most. This software is available for less than 100$ on amazon. (link here)

Source: Essential Software for Academic Writing - Research, Thesis

Frequently asked questions

Is Essay Rewriter good for writing essays?

No. Most essay rewrites plagiarize Wikipedia and other documents. They will simply spin content and produce a random string. Many of them also use synonyms to cheat students. This can be dangerous. Essay generators and essay rewriters are not recommended for students.

How to Create an Essay Bibliography?

Essaysoft bibliography generator can help you create MLA, APA and other types of bibliography fast. Also, if you are going to hiring a writer, you can ask for free bibliography.

What is an excellent alternative to Grammarly for students?

Pro Writing Aid. It is a very similar software but it comes with a lifetime deal. That saves you from recurring costs involved with Grammarly. This can be particularly useful for the writers and college students who don't want to spend money every month. And you can use it on Chrome, android and windows devices as well.

This tool is free to download up to 500 words. And the package starts from $10 only.

Final Verdict

I shared with you the best essay writing software and tools for students. Using these tools will help you write your essays faster and with lesser mistakes.

If you are looking to hire a professional writer, check out these quality servicesYou can also find an original and plagiarism free samples here and use it as your reference to complete your assignments faster.

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