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May 13, 2019

Blogging can be a life-rewarding journey for you. While there is loads of information available on how to start a new blog, many still, struggle to create their first blog. The best way to enter in blogging is to start with free.

You may have any reason to create a free blog. You might be interested in making money from your blogs. Some people start a blog to showcase their work. Big companies use blogs to promote their products. While there are multiple paid options available, I started with a Free blog for various reasons.

Creating Your First Free Blog have multiple advantages:

  • You may not have any prior blogging or writing experience, so you first like to test the water.
  • You are not very interested in trying blogging for making money online.
  • You are still learning SEO, Traffic generation and other marketing stuff.

I started with Blogger which is one of the best Free platforms to start your blog. Websites like Wix are also suitable for creating your blog without investing anything.

Can You “Really” Create a Blog Without Money?

While you can start a blog for free, there are many other overheads which you need to consider. For example, Free blogging platforms like Blogger, Wattpad or Wix don’t have enough freedom over design and creativity.

If you are familiar with WordPress, you must be aware of the fact that Free themes and plugins don’t have many options to customize your header, footer or body. Also, To increase engagement in your blog you have to try multiple techniques.

Instead of telling you how you can create a blog for Free, it would be a way better option to discuss, how to build a website or blog with less investment. I will share the free alternatives along with it.

Steps to Start Your Blog With Less Investment

Step 1: Buy a domain name from a good website: I primarily use Namecheap to buy my domain name for my blogs. It is the safest place to get your favourite name for your blog.

The Free option: Don’t buy a domain name. Websites like Blogger or Wix have an opportunity to create a blog with or address. So you can run your blog like this.

Step 2: Get Cheap Hosting. I like Shared Hosting Plans of A2Hosting, but you can go for any other hosting option like Hostgator to save your money on this.

The Free Option: Alternatively, You can connect your domain to blogger and start running your blog. Blogger provides all tools and Free SSL certificate to create a blog.

Step 3: Install WordPres software for Free from your cPanel. You don’t have to pay for this, and almost all the hosting come with a WordPress installer.

Step 4: Use Free themes and plugins to design the layout of your blogs. It will give your blog a better look.

Start writing.

It’s Simple.

I use Grammarly to write all my posts in English which helps to reduce Grammatical mistakes and detect plagiarism in blog posts. We have even covered a Grammarly Review I would recommend you to try this out.

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