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October 16, 2017

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If you are reading this post; you are likely a student who want to plagiarise or a researcher working on finding loopholes in plagiarism checker algorithm.

Every year there are hundreds of students get caught in plagiarism detection test by Turnitin. Unfortunately, many of them don’t even plagiarise the content intentionally. This led us to write a post about some proven strategies to cheat plagiarism checkers.


  • Top plagiarism checkers like Grammarly and Turnitin are based on machine learning. These algorithms continuously improve and nobody can exactly say what works and what not. Also, the tricks to bypass Turnitin which work in 2017 may not be working in the upcoming years.
  • We don’t want to suggest you cheat Turnitin. You shouldn’t try to do it either. We believe you will find this post insightful and let you think beyond.

5 Ideas to Fool Turnitin in 2017-18 [And Any Other Plagiarism Checker Tool]

How Turnitin Works

Plagiarism checker is not a human mind but a sophisticated algorithm which is based on certain rules. Unfortunately, (or fortunately) algorithms can’t be good enough to detect plagiarism in every way. At least not in the upcoming 2-3 years.

Turnitin, just like most of the other plagiarism checker, tries to understand the context of your content based on word combination you are using and compares it with the other billions of results previously stored in its database.

Many other plagiarism checkers like ProWritingAid and PlagiarismcheckerX, which are even safer in every sense (why?), compare your data with the other online resources in real-time. They use search engine index to compare your content.

why? Your content will not be stored in their database, unlike other free tools which sell your data to the third parties. Since they don’t have any TAC of use, you can’t even claim. That is why it is highly recommended to these plagiarism checker tools

Make sense?

So, now you have a basic idea of how plagiarism checkers are continuously learning, right? Since artificial intelligence backing these checkers is becoming better with every comparison it does, it is becoming harder to challenge software and fooling it.

Proven Ways to Cheat Turnitin

  • Convert your text into Images and (or) PDF

Turnitin does check PDF but not images. Images, unlike text, need an additional step to recognize. Also, image processing is still under development. Algorithms like Grammarly Plagiarism checker and Turnitin can’t check your text from images. You can convert your text into images by using software or by taking a screenshot. Further, you can convert all the images into a single pdf with any software.

  • Use whitespace and Color Variations to trick Turnitin

whitespace and color variations if used wisely can save your tonnes of hours. You can add random numbers or letters after each letter instead of whitespace and change their colors. This color should be similar to the background so that Turnitin wouldn’t be able to recognize it.

  • Rewrite Every Paragraph

Not an all-time trick, but you have time and you can write, you can rewrite each and every paragraph again in your own language. But better than this, you can cite the resource and it will save your ass in more general ways. Basically, I am telling you to be original.

  • [Important] Use Other Plagiarism software

Turnitin is not the only plagiarism checker you can rely upon. I have already discussed some of the best Plagiarism checker used by teachers and universities. These tools are safer and highly effective. You can cross-check your text by running a test against these plagiarism checkers and look for the percentage of similarity in your content.

Then you can manipulate your content accordingly and re-test.

Let me remind you again to not use Free Plagiarism checkers for a quality submission as they are not reliable enough. This is the biggest reason that people get caught in Turnitin check.

  • Take Help from Essay Writing Services [Read Carefully]

Not every writing service is trustworthy. Many of them may even sell your data to the other parties, which is equally dangerous as using a free plagiarism checkers [read above]. You can use some good essay writing services and good plagiarism checkers combined. Best is to ask them to help only and not to rely fully on them. Use a descent plagiarism checker to cross-check their delivery so that you can be 100% assured. Also, don’t forget to have a long delivery date so that you can ask them to revise in case you are not satisfied.

Conclusion [How to Fool Turnitin Plagiarism Detector]?

You can easily trick plagiarism detection programs by using 5 methods. The best is to ask for a Turnitin report along with the content if you are using an essay writing service. Also, the safest way to bypass Turnitin is to be original. But I understand, there are situations where you require external help.

You can use other Plagiarism Checker Software to cross-check any accidental plagiarism causing in your papers. Popular universities use P PlagiarismcheckerX  which is highly effective to detect plagiarism in your content and available in multiple languages.


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