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December 13, 2020

If you are struggling to convert your Audible files to mp3 format, you are at the right place. You are going to discover the software that can help you convert Audible books into mp3 format while maintaining the top quality.

If you are anyone like me, you have already tried the so-called "free tricks" to convert Audible tax format to mp3.

When I was looking for the same, I found outdated methods on the Internet. Also, I saw some Reddit and Quora answers were sharing links to suspicious websites I couldn't trust.

Imagine getting a trojan virus on your computer when you are downloading free software from an unknown website. This would be the last thing you would ever want for some so called free software.

This is why I love what Milton Friedman said a few decades ago. He said:

There's no such thing as a free lunch

Either you pay for the product, or you are the product.

So what is the solution?

Audible is great software, and I love everything about it (except it doesn't allow me to download my audiobooks).

Technically, this should be the part of the audible itself. But it is not. So here is the better solution. But before I jump to the solution, understand how Audible really works.

How Audible Saves Files?

Amazon audible uses proprietary ".AA" and "AAX" format to save files. This file format can only be cracked by the Audible system. This protects Audible to make illegal copies of the copyrighted material.

But what if you have paid for "your copy" and you have no secret evil intentions?

Won't you enjoy listening to your favorite audiobooks on your favorite mp3 player?

The Perfect Solution

Only after feeding up with random suggestions, I found Audible Converter.

It is NOT free and I am happy about it. But more than anything, it can help me convert Audible audiobooks "chapter by chapter" (that's right).

Here is More

You can convert DRM (Digital right management) protected files with 100% quality preserved.

With the help of Epubor Audible Converter, you can easily remove Audible DRM and convert DRM-protected AA/AAX books to MP3/M4B which are supported by most popular media players, such as iPod, Kindle, Sony Walkman, River, and other iOS, Android mobile phones or tablets.

Why Pick Audible Converter instead of alternatives

The audible converter is not free. And this might be the reason why you should compare it with the alternatives.

The audible converter converts audiobooks at 60x faster than other software. So you won't have to compromise with other tasks while turning books from AAX to mp3.

It's easy to use software so you don't need any tutorial. But still, if you require, There is a detailed, intuitive guide available.

Here you can read all the guides (scroll to "Guides")

There are millions of customers using Audible converter without any hassle.

You can get Audible Converter at a 50% Discount for a limited time and you can use it for a lifetime (as long as you want). But if you are not sure, go for a free trial and see it yourself. It's less than $50 at the time of writing.

Here you can start a free trial or get the software for a lifetime

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