Whenever it comes to choosing an essay writing service… it sucks!

Isn’t? Writing essay is hard but choosing a good custom essay service is also not easy.

Whenever someone requests: “write my essay” or “write an essay for me, please!” on google, there are two events occur.

first, google search is full of great yet confusing results.

see this:

write an essay for me
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google gives more than 11 million search results. And not every time the first result is the best result.

the second, reviews for each company sucks. Why? because not everyone likes everything.

So here is an ultimate guide to choosing an affordable custom writing service for finishing your homework.

Search Service with the Right Keywords

An immediate google search for the queries like “someone writes my essay” or “help me writing my essay” may not always be useful.

You should use proper keywords while you are typing anything on the search bar.

Consider this example: “custom essay writing services“. Additionally, you can also add geographical information while searching. like “essay writing services in the UK“.

In this way, you are helping Google to understand that you are searching for an essay writing service from a particular region and not about resources to write it yourself.

Check or Ask for Truste and Norton Security

Truste is a SaaS platform which takes care of user data privacy over the internet. Having a Truste badge on a website builds trust that website is not selling your data to the other third parties.

Do this Before you Select One

80% of people never go beyond 1st page of google according to a survey. Moreover, 80% of them click on the first 3 results. But if you want to search for a company you should check at least 3-4 pages beyond before you click on a few results.

There is No Service With 100% Customer Satisfaction

There can never be a company who satisfy everyone. And if someone claims then they might be fraud. This is the problem on the Internet. The only way to know if the company is good or bad is by purchasing something from them.

You can start with a small order before giving them the actual price.

Do This to Stay Safe While Ordering your Essay

Doesn’t matter how good the reviews seem, there is always some risk associated with ordering intangible products online. They may be frauds, the products they provide may be plagiarized or copied from somewhere from the internet and more.

Also, there are essay generators who do plenty of this job. However, the quality of software is miserable and they will surely lead you to failure.

To avoid all these risks, you need to keep all these points in mind.

  • Read terms & conditions properly before giving a contract.
  • Check if testimonials look like machine generated.
  • Check if they provide free revisions.
  • Talk to the writers directly before ordering.
  • Check for proper money back guarantee.
  • Ask explicitly for the deadlines and money back guarantee while talking to the writers or representatives.
  • Additionally, An old website is more trustworthy as compared to a new one.

How To Investigate a Poor Writing Service

I was reading an article written by the professor at Duke University where she revealed: “almost 2% of the students buy essays online to complete their work”.

The professor also described how she identifies the poor quality of paper writing services. Here is this trick you also can use.

  • Bad companies don’t care while writing their own content. You can select content from any of their pages and paste on a grammar checker and plagiarism checker tool like Grammarly and Copyscape. Also, if you are good at finding spelling and grammar mistakes you can do it by yourself.
  • Ask on WritingHelp.net Forum about it.
  • Check how much old the website is. Better if they are older than 2 years.
  • Ask on Quora about it.
  • Go for a smaller project before a bigger one.

Use Separate Email and Address if possible

Increasing cyber threats and identity theft are encouraging us to use better internet security standards while transacting online. If you are not sure about the company reputation you can use a separate email address and mailing address while communicating with the company.

Summing Up

Writing Services are becoming more and more popular among students nowadays. But like every other service, there are chances of fraudulent associated with it. With a little common sense and proper care, you can avoid some of them. At writingHelp.net we are trying to cover more and more areas around writing services and software so don’t forget to subscribe us.

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