Essay and paper writing services are gaining more and more popularity among students since last few years. As I have discussed earlier here that there is always a dark side of this coin for those who trust these services blindly. There are some shocking truths associated with it.

Why Students Choose Custom Writing Service?

When the same question was discussed with a professor of a deemed university, his answer was simple: students don’t want to work themselves when it is easy to pay someone else for same.

But the point from the students was a bit surprising.

Not every time student choose essay writing services to avoid homework but also to support other important tasks.

For example, many students who come from a non-English background find themselves totally unfit to get admission. According to them, inability to express first class English writing skill is not a criterion to judge someone’s ability.

For some of them, since they work as a part-time worker to support their education so they don’t have time to write essays by themselves.

Research paper writing services are giving immense benefits to the foreign students who find themselves unable to write a competitive content like native English speaking students. However, since essays and dissertations are some of the most important criteria to judge someone’s mind-map and writing skills while admission, it looks unethical logically.

Another invention from the MIT Labs where they have created SCIgen which is a CS paper generator for low quality paper submission directories according to them. This software is based on hand written context free grammars and also generates graphs, figures and citation as well.

However, When I tested this autmated tool, the results were over 20% plagiarised as expected.

Where The Buyers Live?

The answer to this question was also surprising to me. The essay writing services were supposed to be popular among foreign students. But in reality, a good number of the customers of these services are from the US and UK regions. according to a post on HuffingtonPost about the same issue, the biggest pool of customers lives around California, New York, and Texas.

The students expect a native English speaking writers for finishing their project and many of them are packed with tight deadlines when they order. This makes a situation challenging as finding a good writing company is like finding the needle in the haystack.

The most popular types of products are the Essays, Research papers, and MA Thesis. Surprisingly, not just students but the people from industry and teachers are also the customers of paper writing services. This also explains the popularity of these services.

Who Writes your Paper?

Good essay writing agencies hire professors and students from the top universities as their writers. Also, the students who are seeking for extra pocket money are ready to work for paper writing firms as they pay them well. This works for the satisfaction of both ends where some expert is ready to write for you and you are ready to pay for it.

Apart from the professors and students, freelance expert writers are also ready to write papers for you but this doesn’t always end up well. As writing papers and thesis demands an in-depth knowledge along with the extraordinary writing skills, an unskilled and unknowledgeable writer will probably ruin your draft and your marks both.

It explains how the whole higher education industry is already involved somehow with essay writing services directly and indirectly. According to a professor of a deemed university, around 2% of the students buy papers online where 98% of the students do their work themselves. At least this number shows how many of them genuinely accept what they do.

Moras, Ethics, and Risks

Where many believe buying papers online is totally unethical and a big crime like cheating. This depends on how you have decided to use your product. Most of the companies already mention in small words that the use of their delivery should be taken as a help guide and not as a submission. But this idea conflicts with the sole purpose of the buyer who doesn’t want to put any effort before submitting this paper for whatever reasons.

According to some, this act is leading to a whole generation where no one is having writing and thinking skills. Since they have cheated in their colleges, these services are leading to an untrustworthy workforce.

Well, It is always recommended by the websites and also on the behalf of that you should always read, re-write and use this work as a help if possible. This is not only important but also necessary to save you from some unexpected hazards like plagiarism and grammar mistake flood. There are free and paid tools available to help you in completing this job.


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