Free Plagiarism Software Used by Universities – Grammarly to Plagiarism Checker X

Free Plagiarism Software Used by Universities – Grammarly to Plagiarism Checker X

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Wondering how the university experts find plagiarism in the submitted papers? Plagiarism is a serious offense and all the reputed organizations are trying very hard to fight against it.

Students often fall into the trap of free plagiarism checkers and give access to their content to the third parties who sell their content to the other students. This causes self-plagiarism in their papers.

Plagiarism Checker X

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Only for windows

Plagiarism Checker X is an advanced tool and available for 6 different languages including English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Dutch, and Portuguese.

The tool is used by some of the most prestigious universities, students, teachers, bloggers, and marketers. It is one of those tools which don’t save your data into their database for working and so make them the safer application of use.

Grammarly Plagiarism Checker

Grammarly is highly effective and web’s most popular plagiarism checker and grammar checker tool. This comes with an outstanding grammar checker, style checker, and spelling correction tool.

Grammarly@EDU service is used by over 600 universities and academic institutions all over the world. Grammarly business is used by the teams like Dell and Cisco to polish their conversations.

Pro Writing Aid Plagiarism Detector

Writing Improvement Software

An economical paid plagiarism checker and grammar checker application. A safe (it doesn’t save your data into their database) and effective tool for bloggers, academicians, and writers.

It uses search engine index to trace content instead of looking into a previously saved database.

Cross Check

Crosscheck comes with The Prohibited Authors List (PAL) Database of authors which are banned by IEEE. this is an official IEEE plagiarism checker you can use specifically for IEEE paper submissions.

How to Avoid Plagiarism While Writing?

There is no hard and fast rule to avoid accidental plagiarism in your content until you don’t use a good plagiarism checker.

Still, here are the thumb rules you can consider.

  • Cite properly.
  • Give sources.
  • Quote properly.
  • Don’t copy.
  • Don’t use the similar tone in every new project.

Why Avoid Free Tools

I am not criticizing anyone. But free plagiarism checker will cost you much, much higher than the price of it. Papers are important. Essays decide your admissions and grading. This is something more important than $50.

Free plagiarism checker like Viper save data into their database and provide to the third parties. It causes self-plagiarism in your content.

Even though you don’t need your article in future, you can’t leave your writing style behind. Next time when you will write anything similar, the chunk of the paragraph may be similar to the last one. This way, plagiarism will be attracted without even you notice it.

The above-mentioned plagiarism detection programs are the most reputed ones. If you will ask me personally, I will go for PlagiarismCheckerX or Grammarly. Where Grammarly helps me to correct my writing along with detecting plagiarism, PlagiarismCheckerX provides me a more reliable checker environment and multi-language support. At the same time, ProWritingAid helps me to write correctly and check plagiarism at a more economical price.

At the end, it is all about your preference among mentioned.



4 thoughts on “Free Plagiarism Software Used by Universities – Grammarly to Plagiarism Checker X

  1. I wasn’t aware that some free plaigarism tools could save our data and sell it to third parties.I will keep it in mind the next time I use any plaigarism tool.
    The one that I am liking the most is EduBirdie plaigarism checker.What do you think of EduBirdie??

    • Yes! Plagiarism checkers are becoming some of the common way to trick students and researchers.
      Edubirdie is more of less a custom essay writing service. It’s different from a plagiarism checker.
      I can not guarantee their authenticity as I have never used them before. But I will always suggest to writing original content by yourself on the first place and then using a Plagiarism checker (one of the above) to stay away from self-plagiarizing.


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