Imagine a typical research paper which includes tons of images, citations, equations, graphs, 200 double-spaced pages and a couple of appendices. Don’t you think of the software for academic writing to make our life easier?

Whether you are writing a Ph.D. thesis or finishing your Master’s project work report, it is not (you know) an easy task to finish it quickly and flawlessly both at the same time. It’s might going to suck your brain juice before the deadline.

Best Software for Academic Writing Purposes

We all need to perform some of the essential tasks before we send our paperwork to the publishers. It also includes the most painstaking jobs like grammar checking and resource management as well.

This list of writing software will surely help you to reduce some burden and to complete your dissertation, papers, and reports quickly.

Mindmeister is an online platform to help you brainstorm ideas. You can visualize your thoughts with the help of various interactive tools provided on your dashboard. Mindmapping is one of the very first things many of us do before starting our writing work so this can be a good place to start with.


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DeepDyve is a cheap service for expensive papers. They are affiliated with various journals and paper publishing platforms and provide access to students who could not have direct reach. You can read 5 minutes daily for a free account on DeepDyve or a premium service for 40$/month.


Detecting Plagiarism and Grammar checking is a pain. ProWritingAid is the best tool for both of the tasks. They have an extraordinary editing tool for writing and a paid plagiarism checker to crawl thousands of pdfs, docs and web resources to find similar content.



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Mendeley is one of the best reference management software, web importer, and citation software to make your life easier. The software also supports software like LaTeX, BibTeX, all kind of devices including mobiles and browsers of nearly all types. The best part about these tools is they are absolutely free.

Here are a few things you can do with it.

  • Generate citations and bibliographies
  • Add your thoughts on documents in your own library
  • Organize your content
  • Collaborate with other researchers by creating your research profile with Mendeley.



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EndNote version 7 is a multipurpose software to search bibliographic databases from the internet, organize references and images. This software is available for only 130$ on Amazon to download.


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Grammarly is another multitasking software available online which will do the following jobs before publishing your thesis and research paper.

  1. Grammar and Spelling Check
  2. Proofreading your document
  3. Plagiarism Checking
  4. Word suggestions

Some of the features of this software like spelling and grammar checking are completely free while other like plagiarism checking is available for nearly 20$ per month.


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Dragon Naturally Speaking software is the most accurate dictation and speech processing software to boost your writing performance. Since dictating a document and then proofreading it is a much easier task as compared to writing it, the software will useful for academic writers. Integrated learning environment also makes it capable of learning words and phrases you use most. This software is available for less than 100$ on amazon.


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ReadCube is a library management and research paper searching software integrated with cloud storage and personalized recommendations. It comes with a free as well as a paid version. They claim of having over 2500 institutions in over 200 countries as their customers. Find out yourself if it worths.


Libreoffice Software for Academic Writing
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LibreOffice comes as an alternative to MS Office tools in Linux machines. However, the software is also available to download onto Windows and OS X. LibreOffice includes writer, calc, impress (ppt), Base, Draw and Math. Since the whole project is maintained by the team of volunteers and they have made it very handy and you will love to use it.


lyx Software for Academic Writing
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If you have bored of using LaTeX backend codes and want to run away from that hectic task, Lyx can help you. This software comes with the power of LaTex and still easy to use interface. You can seek it as a frontend editor for latex. However, you are expected to know little basics of LaTex while using it. Lyx supports all kind of machines like Linux, Mac, and Windows.

Summing Up (Happy Learning)!

Writing Project Reports, documentation, thesis and research papers is a pain. But this list of Softwares for academic writing will help you to minimize your headache and give you a little free time for yourself. Where many of the students go for the paper writing services and it seems obvious as the pressure is so huge there is a dark side of it. Many decide to do all work by their own. In every case, using these research and thesis writing software will save your ass in your tough moments.

All the Best!

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